Shopping For The Perfect Fit


It’s finally here, Fashion Friday, my favorite day of the week– mostly because it’s Friday. If you’re like most people I know then you believe that shoes make an outfit and there is not outfit more important than the one you wear on your wedding day. You may think, why do I need amazing wedding shoes, they’re just going under my dress? They’re not, plain and simple. They’re finishing off your outfit and getting you down the aisle, on the dance floor, and going home with your new husband. Keep your feet pretty and comfortable in these considerations for your wedding shoes.

1. Comfort

If you decide to wear a pair of heels over flats ( which I strongly recommend) then comfort should be more important than what they look like. You’re going to be on your feet for almost 12 hours and blisters are a huge no no. Take them for a long test drive around the shoe department and any instant sensations of discomfort means on to the next one.

2. Style

If your style is all about breaking tradition then go for it and wear Doc Martens or something. But if you’re preppy then don’t start wearing studded heels because it’s your wedding day, that’s not your style. Keep it simple and keep it you.

3. Wear a Contrasting Shoe

This is where the bright shoe trend comes into play. If you absolutely want to wear bright blue shoes then by all means go for it but match it with something in your wedding like your centerpieces, bouquet, or cake. It will show symmetry and ease the human eye.

4. Height

Sky high heels are huge right now but they might not be a great choice for wedding shoes. This past season’s New York Fashion week’s models even had trouble walking in 6 inch heels therefore you most likely will have trouble as well. Similar to comfort, you’re going to be in these shoes for an extended period of time so you’ll want something with a smaller heel because tall heel equals more discomfort.

5. Textures and Fabric

The materials of the shoe are crucial in the style because let’s be honest, white leather pumps look way worse than white satin pumps. These things matter. Silk or satin is the most popular because your dress is probably made out of silk or satin. This will also help in determining the color because different textures reflect different colors.

I hope this gave you a solid idea of what to look for in your wedding shoes because they’re an overlooked accessory for many brides. Personally, I get more excited about the shoes I’m going to wear on a night out than the dress (which is equally important, don’t get me wrong) because they present to the world you’re style.

Happy Planning,