Let Them Taste Cake


Welcome back to your workweek and to Munchie Monday! This Monday we’re discussing one of my favorite parts of the wedding, the part where everyone gets to eat cake! However, before you serve up the decadent slices of cake topped with mouthwatering frosting, you need to taste it first to decide which one you like best. You probably know this but The Wedding Salon wants to urge you from walking into the cake tasting without knowing what to expect so you can choose the right wedding cake. This is done before you sign the contract with your cake baker and when you are ready to make the final choice about your cake. Many people are unaware that you need to know what to expect before sitting down and indulging in cakes so we’re giving you a list of everything you need to know before the tasting.


Look Out For Taste

This should be obvious but the primary purpose of your wedding cake tasting is to determine how much you like the taste of the cake. Included in what to expect from the taste is the texture and how the filling and flavors interact. A beautiful cake may just be a beautiful cake that doesn’t taste good making this portion of the tasting most important. If you want fruits in your cake, look for how they interact with the flavor and texture of the cake and same goes for the frosting. This could also be the time to decided whether or not you want fondant or butter cream frosting.

Drink Water

You’re probably going to be eating at least 5-10 different types of wedding cake and will need a fresh palette for all of them to have a fair chance at being chosen for your cake. Don’t taste the cake with any flavored beverages and leave it to simple, tasteless, water.

Flavor Combinations

Combining flavors is tricky and can be disastrous. The white cake with the raspberry may not taste as delicious as the chocolate cake with the raspberry frosting. Ask your baker to pair a few of the flavors you love with frostings you love as well and they may think of something innovative and amazing that you may not have considered. Try the frosting and cakes separately as well and you can determine which combination you like.


Your wedding budget is also on the back of your mind and just because you’re doing a “tasting” and not actually choosing your cake that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Ask your baker to show you only cakes that are within the same price so you do not fall in love with something beyond your budget.

Bring Your Groom

Men love to eat and they love to eat cake. He’ll be excited about this part of the wedding planning because he gets to help you choose the wedding cake and feel like he’s playing a really big role in your wedding (he is, you’re marrying him). Unless he can’t make it try to not bring your mother, sister, or bestie because they’re not the ones you’re marrying.

Keep an Open Mind

Have your mind set on a lemon cake with white frosting? Then lucky you, you’ve got your cake but like I said before, you have to taste the flavor combinations because your baker could come up with something better. An open mind will let you explore the different types of flavors, textures, and details and could help you choose a cake that you never even thought of.

Don’t Feel Pressured

You do not have to sign the baker’s contract that day and should not feel pressured to do so. This decision is one that will take time and discussion before deciding that this is the cake. You may also be sampling cakes from another baker. However if you believe that you have found the perfect cake then let them know as soon as possible!


Don’t go to the tasting on an empty stomach and feel temptation to eat all of the cake, you have a wedding dress you need to fit into. Also remember, the wedding cake is one of the most talked about aspects of your wedding so you need to consider the wedding guest’s palettes as well. Enjoy these great bites and have fun!

Happy Planning,