Eternal Summer in Thailand


Do you dream of a land of sunshine and eternal summer? We’re combining two stunning locations to bring you a timeless adventure in one of Asia’s most popular honeymoon locations—Tourism Thailand at our Los Angeles Bride Event on March 25. These two spots have a lot in common, endless sunbathing, beach activities, and warm weather but if you’re looking for an experience outside of your comfort zone we encourage you to check out their booth at the show.

Chang Island

Tourism Thailand caters to many of the country’s most astonishing locations such as Ang Thong National Marine Park, Chang Island, Lan Island, and many other exotic islands and beaches. Getting there many require some leg work but flying into Bangkok and taking a ferry or sea plane will ease your vacation and give some charm to the experience.

Chumphon Marine Festival

Want to visit Thailand and experience some culture? Plan your honeymoon around one of their events or festivals and embrace what makes the country so special. Some of the events and festivals include: Laanta Lanta Festival, International Lantern Festival-Colors of the South, Trat Memorial Day, and Pattaya International Music Festival. Almost all are accessible by car or boat and we can guarantee that the events will be life changing and memorable.


The tourism board recommends visiting Koh Lann, Phuket, and Chiang Rai and we encourage you to check out their special honeymoon rates and explore their website for all the exciting adventures this country has to offer.

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