Healthy To-Go

We’re halfway through the weekend and onto Wellness Wednesday! This hump day we’re go to discuss making healthy choices when you order takeout because it’s so easy to order the double cheeseburger and fries but that won’t sit well on your waist line. Planning a wedding, working, and having a successful relationship with your fiance makes this the busiest time of your life and doesn’t leave a lot of time to cook healthy meals and the stress can drive you to fatty, carb loaded foods. However, eating fast food isn’t always a fatty experience if you make the right choices and eat in moderation. The Wedding Salon is going to show you what are your best options if you decide to eat out.



New York brides, you know the importance of a good slice of pizza and we arguably have the best tasting pies in the country. All that said, 2 slices of pizza can easily add up to 700-1,000 calories, ouch. Make it healthier by opting for thin whole wheat crust, order half the cheese, add extra vegetables, and order protein toppings like chicken. Adding vegetables can add extra fiber and vitamins and healthy proteins will keep you fuller longer.

Chinese Food


Chinese food is one of my favorite take out choices and in theory should be healthy because of the vegetables and protein but with sodium filled and fat filled sauces and noodles, things can easily go from healthy to heavy fast. Many of the items on Chinese food menus are breaded or fried but you can ask for them grilled or sauteed. The biggest problem is that one box of ginger broccoli chicken (a healthy choice) is 2-3 servings, not one for you. Divide it up and save some for later.


urlBig Macs, french fries, nuggets, and milkshakes take me back to drunk munchies in college. We all know that McDonald’s is not healthy and high in bad, greasy calories but it doesn’t need to be that way. Choose menu items such as their classic hamburger (250 calories), Egg McMuffin (300 calories), 6 piece chicken McNuggets (280 calories), or Filet-O-Fish (380 calories) and pair it with bottled water and a kid’s sized french fries. The only downside, not a lot of vegetables and their salads are super high in sodium and can contain as many calories as a Big Mac.



We’ve all heard that sushi is super healthy because it’s made with fish, vegetables, and a minimal amount of rice but it’s easy to order some rolls that border on 1,000 calories and order fried foods like tempura and fried rice. If you want to eat sushi then opt for edamame as a starter, miso soup, and one of the smaller rolls such as vegetable rolls, mackerel, or rainbow rolls. Sashimi is also good because it doesn’t require rice and is usually 33 calories per piece. When ordering steer clear of spicy rolls (often mixed Sriracha and mayo), tempura, or crispy.

Taco Bell


Taco Bell is one of my biggest guilty pleasures and an easy option for fast Mexican food. They’ve added their new Fresco Menu that replaces fatty sauces with diced tomatoes, cilantro and onions and also cuts back on carbs. Nothing on the menu is over 400 calories so it’s easy to keep calories low. Their Fresco soft beef taco is 180 calories, Fresco bean burrito is 350 calories, or Fresco grilled soft steak taco is 160 calories. Off their regular menu steer clear of the taco salad with salsa (840 calories) or Nacho BellGrande (770 calories).



Maybe you made dinner but want to finish with dessert. I’m no baker so whipping up a healthy dessert in my kitchen isn’t an option so I’ve opted for some lower calorie options like Skinny Cow ice cream. If you want to go out for dinner or need a mid-day pick me up try Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty (small, 250 calories), Coldstone Cake Batter Frozen Yogurt (210), Dunkin’ Doughnuts Glazed Doughnut (180 calories), or Dairy Queen Banana Split Blizzard (mini, 290).

Everything is best in moderation and I reccommend a cheat day (hello Fat Fridays?) to keep your diet on check and to keep you from going crazy. Keep in mind portion sizes and sodium content and look for menus in fast food’s diet menus. Eating out doesn’t have to be a diet killer and you can check nutritional information on the restaurant’s website.

Happy Planning,