Nail It

It’s finally Fashion Friday– my favorite day of the week! Spring time brings attention to one of my favorite and most flexible accessories, your nails. Bright colors, mattes, metallics, and nudes draw attention to your nails in a way that isn’t over dramatic and subtle. It’s easy to go wrong with nails though with crazy nail art, too much bling, or too many colors on your hands. Your wedding day is not the day to have bad nails because your getting your wedding band! Don’t choose anything that will make it look bad and choose something that will accentuate the sparkle of your diamonds. These trends have made a big impact on Spring 2013 runways and will look great with your ensemble.

1. Going Gray



Gray nails are having a huge moment right now and it’s easy to see why. They go with almost everything because they’re a neutral color but aren’t subtle enough to go unnoticed. It’s different from the typical bright tones we’re used to for spring and will definitely set you apart. Something to keep in mind is to not let the color of your nail polish clash with the color of your wedding band/engagement ring. Try to go darker or lighter than the color of the ring.

2. Updated French Manicure



Traditional french manicures are classic but this season they got a serious update with new colors, glitter, and adding interesting elements to make them eye catching. You DIY it or when you get your nails done ask the artist for colored tips and give her the color you want. I’m loving the gold tips with pale nails– it’s glam without being over the top.

3. Naturally Neutral



Pale nails and spring go so well together because it resembles the pale spring flowers and colors of Easter. This is not a ground breaking trend but it is one that will stay with us for a long time because it’s so classic. I like this trends especially for weddings because it’s classic and not too flashy. Look for soft milky shades, pale pinks, and pale whites.

4. Hard Metallic


beyonce metallic nails

Shiny metallic nails are strikingly beautiful. It’s unexpected in terms of traditional nail polish colors but it’s eye catching and makes your ring pop. People will catch the color of the nail polish and be instantly intrigued. But, similar to the gray nail polish, it’s easy for this to clash with your rings and maybe your jewelry so test it out before you commit to this color.

5. Stunning Sorbets

Essie Tart Deco


Other than the fact that I love Olivia Palermo, sorbet nails scream warm weather, bbqs, and the beach. They are also fabulous for your wedding nails because it draws attention to your hands and more importantly, your engagement ring/ wedding band. I’m loving sorbet colors like bright oranges, salmon, and blues. Try the blues if you want to use it as your something blue but I don’t suggest using this trend if you have dramatic jewelry but it could look amazing with a big, glamorous gown.

A good rule of thumb when deciding your nail polish, don’t do anything without trying to first. Try it with your makeup, jewlery, and hair to make sure nothing is clashing or looks to over-the-top. Getting my nails done is one of my favorite relaxing activities so grab your bridesmaids and get pampered.

Happy Planning,