Treats To-Go

Munchie Monday is such a great way to kick off the new week because we’re starting it off on the right note, talking about drinks, desserts, and food. An underrated trend we’re discussing today is edible wedding favors and why you need to incorporate them into your wedding. PR named the top favors trends of 2012 that we suggest you check out but since it just became 2013, the must-have lists for this year are far and few between. After you read their list, we want you to check out our 10 edible favors we recommend you use in your wedding.

1. Popcorn


Love this salty treat? It’s a classic so I bet your guests will too. Choose from a variety of flavors like butter, kettle korn, caramel corn, or spicy popcorn. We love this treat for summer, vintage themes, or carnival themed weddings. No theme? If you and your fiance love popcorn, this is a good way to share it with guests.

2. Maple Syrup


Real maple syrup from New England is the perfect topping for pancakes and waffles in the morning. Share this with your guests because this is something they can use multiple times. Use it for a fall or winter wedding, if you’re having a brunch reception, or if you or your fiance are from New England.

3. Cookies


This classic treat is one I personally would love to get because who doesn’t love cookies. If they’re a thing with you and your fiance, share them with guests and wrap them in beautiful packaging that shares your story. Cookies are also a great favor if guests have children then they can share this dessert.

4. Hot Chocolate


Sound strange to give a drink as a favor? That’s what is great about hot chocolate, all you need is hot water or milk and some marshmallows and you have an instant chocolate drink. These work well for a winter or autumn wedding to keep guests warm and we suggest saving one or two for yourself.

5. Sunflower Seeds


Another salty treat that is loved by many guests, sunflower seeds are perfect for spring or summer weddings when the plant is in bloom. This idea also works well for outdoor weddings or picnic weddings and is one that will last wedding guests a long time. We love them packaged in mini burlap sacks and sunflower logos.

6. Cake Jars


Make your wedding cake to-go and put it in a jar! Guests can enjoy it long after your wedding or in the car by adding to-go spoons and a napkin. There are plenty of DIY sites like this one from Marry This and A Pair & A Spare that walk you through putting a cake into a jar, which sounds totally tricky!

7. Tea


Tea is a fabulous favor for autumn and winter weddings when the temperatures drop and guests want to stay warm and what better way to do it than a memory of your wedding! You can also choose to use iced tea mixes for spring/summer weddings. Choose flavors though that are loved by almost everyone like fruit, chai, or green tea.

8. Olive Oil


Olive oil is great for couples who love cooking and want to share the love with wedding guests. This is a major foodie favor trend and is one guests can use for days after the wedding, especially if it is good. Add a simple twist with garlic, rosemary, or simple extra-virgin oils.

9. Jelly


“Spread the Love” is a great way to share your special day with guests and incorporate your life into their breakfast! Add a variety of jams for them to choose from or keep it easy with traditional strawberry, blackberry, or blueberry jelly. This is cute for outdoor, barn, or picnic themed weddings.

10. Herb Plants

nursery men

Send guests home with their own spice garden with herb plants that they can use or plant themselves. Ideas could be basil, mint, or rosemary plants that are easy to maintain. Use these for spring/summer weddings, if you’re a gardener, or for outdoor weddings. They can also double as centerpieces and place cards.

We hope this unique list was helpful if you’re looking for edible wedding favors that leave guests with memories that will last long after the reception is over. Other suggestions are coffee beans, rubs and spices, cake pops, or truffles but adding your unique touch to anything can make it special. However, make sure favors like cookies, cupcakes, and candy don’t sit out in the sun or under hot lights and melt. Keep them somewhere cool until the party is over.

Happy Planning,