Taking a Long Weekend


You and your fiance may come to find yourself in a sticky situation when you begin planning your honeymoon–you only have a weekend to spend together. Whether it be because of work obligations, family, or school it can be a bummer to only spend Friday-Sunday on a get-a-way with your new husband. It’s not so bad, you’ll be together forever and when your lives get less busy you can always take a second honeymoon. This Travel Tuesday we want to show you have fabulous a weekend honeymoon can be and why it’s not a horrible idea.

Take a Boat Cruise

Whether it be for the weekend or just for the day, a boat cruise down the Mississippi or up the Atlantic or Pacific coast could be all you need. They include a lot of the activities you get on a cruise such as dining, entertainment, activities like spa treatments and ports of call. You’ll be saving money taking a boat cruise versus a resort type cruise so feel free to opt for the best room on the ship and be sure to plan your time of departure sometime around your wedding date.

Be a Tourist in Your Town

Your hometown has a lot of opportunities for a romantic weekend that you haven’t discovered yet and the upside is that if you discover something you love like a new restaurant or museum, you can go there again. Book a hotel in your town or nearby big city and shop, eat, and enjoy new activities you didn’t know you could do. There are a lot of city guide apps that help you explore the city and find something romantic and new to do.

Throw Out The GPS

Get in the car and take a road trip. Drive somewhere you’ve never been and don’t worry about getting there on time or getting lost because that’s half the fun. Many apps like GuidePal, Yelp, and MTrip will keep you from feeling completely lost and feature reviews, directories, and can help you find things to do. Don’t drive for more than 3-4 hours and take time to visit the local attractions.

Embrace Your Inner Child

Take a trip to a theme park, boardwalk, zoo, or arcade. Spend a weekend with your husband riding roller coasters, playing games, and eating foods like cotton candy or popcorn. Many cities have local theme parks or water parks but keep in mind the seasons unless you live in a location where that is not an issue. You could also feel free to drive a couple hours to a park or destination near your home and enjoy a new city.

Jet Somewhere Close

The good thing about flying, you can get to many amazing destinations in under four hours. If you and your fiance travel often then you may have racked up a lot of points and are eligible for free or discounted flights. Fly to a major city of desination that is close by and spend the weekend in that city. This isn’t as much of a hassle as it seems because airports and hotels have made it so easy to get to your location.

Other weekend getaway ideas are camping, staying at home, or going on a picnic. I love the idea of exploring a new city near your house with your fiance becasue it gives you time to find a place you both love and is close to where you live. Don’t feel guilty about not being able to take a full blown 2 week honeymoon because you have till death to you part to spend a honeymoon together.

Happy Planning,