Color My Wedding


It can be incredibly difficult to decorate your wedding without having a solid color scheme and have everything look coordinated. Random color palettes don’t exist because even if you want to be a rebel and not choose one, eventually all of your colors will come together in their own way. They set the pace for what all of your decorations are going to look like including your bouquet, invitations, table cloths, and wedding cake. Choose at least 2-3 colors that all compliment each other or choose a wild card color that will throw people off but doesn’t look messy. Here are some questions for you to answer before you start planning your palette.

In What Season am I Getting Married?

Seasons mean a lot because many flowers are only available during certain times of the year and are capable of blooming the colors you’re looking for in a bouquet. The seasons will also dictate the tone of the colors. For example, an autumn wedding will probably have colors like yellow, green, orange, red, and brown whereas a spring wedding will have colors like pink, light blue, lilac, and white.

Where am I Going to be Using These Colors?

They are going to be everywhere. You may not want to see a blinding orange all around your reception room but would like to see it in hidden spots like centerpieces or place cards. This is where your dominant color plays an important role and it should be something that you love.

Why do I Love These Colors?

Is this your favorite color, his favorite color, or just something that is on trend? Opt for a color that is not on trend because trends rarely last past their expiration date. Both of your favorite colors are a great idea, especially if they match, because it tells guests something about your personalities. You can use it in creative centerpieces, ceremony programs, and wedding favors where everything is personalized.

Are There Any Cultural Traditions?

If you’re having a ceremony that has deep cultural roots, whether it be your heritage or his, using their colors helps let guests experience your cultures. They often are bright and elaborate colors with beautiful designs or are simple and fresh. Regardless they capture attention and let guests know more about who both of you are.

What if I Hate my Colors Later?

This is why choosing something not on trend is important. If you’re planning a wedding a year in advance then your taste in colors will probably change. Last year’s big color was mint and this year we’re seeing a lot of yellow. If the trend becomes your favorite color then by all means use it! If you hate the colors on your wedding day then find ways to rearrange things to make it look better to you, however you might have to live with what you picked so think long and hard about your decision.

Hiring a wedding planner can help eliminate some of the confusion and they can offer some insight to choosing the right ones. Many websites such as The Perfect Palette, Wedding Channel, and The Knot offer palette generators and guides to practically every color you could want in your wedding.

Happy Planning,