“Beauty is in The Eye of The Beer Holder”


We’re kicking off the start of the week and Munchie Monday with a topic I know you will enjoy and one your fiance will enjoy as well, serving beer at your wedding. There is something special about drinking a cold beer on a hot summer day that is unappreciated and understated, especially when it is served alongside bbq and pizza. Today, we want to discuss why you should serve up an “I Do Brew” at your reception and what beers you should be serving. Like any alcohol though, pairings should be taken into consideration and a tasting is important. However, this shouldn’t be a problem because who doesn’t like eating and drinking?

A Flight of Beer


For those that are unfamiliar with beer terminology, a flight is a sampling of 5-6 different types of beer that range in taste and texture. This is good if you were unable to choose your favorite type of beer and want guests to sample a few of your favorites as well. We encourage these to be served at cocktail hour because it’s more manageable. This gives guests a low key activity and a way for them to introduce themselves to other guests or to introduce themselves to new beers. After cocktail hour, feature the types of beer at the reception either on tap or in bottles for them to choose.

Keep it Pale


For many people, a pale ales, light ales, and pilsners are a crowd pleaser because it’s light in taste and can be paired with almost everything. These types are known for their light color, light in body, and low key texture. We’re not saying to stay away from a darker lager. In fact, keep it as an option for guests who enjoy something middle of the spectrum or want to go super dark. That being said, keep plenty of light beer on tap as it may run out quickly.

Craft Beer


A craft beer is one that comes from a microbrewery and is usually from a local brewer. They’re categorized as small, traditional, and independent and usually not associated with big name brewers that produce some of the most popular beers. Craft brewers can sometimes be a friend of yours that brews their own beer and can save you a lot of money paying for beer on tap. Just be sure to taste it first. Some of the top craft beers are: Schneider-Weisse, Gordon Biersch, and Sierra Nevada .

Beer Wine Hybrids


What is a beer wine hybrid? They’re fascinating drinks that combine the tastes of wine and beer by brewing the two together and letting them ferment in the same barrel. This is a type of craft beer and is great for wowing guests and appeals to both wine lovers and beer lovers. You’ll need to try them for yourself and some popular brands to choose from are: Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch, Blue Moon’s Vintage Ale, and Russian River’s Temptation.

Choosing beer for your wedding is a unique idea and keeps guests away from the hard alcohol that is more likely to get them drunk. Also, you cannot customize a vodka bottle label but if you work with a local brewer, you can probably add a custom label. Make a night out of it with your girlfriends or fiance and his friends and sample some beers. Try them with foods you’ll be serving as well.

Happy Planning,