Sharing The Health

Happy Wellness Wednesday! You’ve officially made it half way through the week and in celebration we’re going to show you some of our favorite healthy eating blogs so you can eat healthy and delicious breakfast, lunches, snacks, dinners, and desserts (yes you read that right!). Personally, it’s how I find almost all of my dinner recipes and I promise they’re filling and use unique ingredients I would never think of. What I also love is that they give a sense of support by explaining why they decided to do this meal, what their workout regimn is, and how their life is going. I feel more connected to these people than browsing through a typical recipe website. Without further ado, here are some blogs you need to visit and start cooking!

Smitten Kitchen

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Pizza With Bacon, Onions, and Cream

The About Page of Smitten Kitchen Writer and New York City based blogger Deb is what made me fall in love. One of my favorite things is her guide to measuring tools, and introduction of her kitchen, and you get to meet your family. She feels like one of those women who has the potential to be your second mother. We can’t wait to try: Mediterranean Pepper Salad, Mushroom Marsala Pata With Artichokes, and Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies.

Breakfast to Bed

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Healthy living enthusiast, New Yorker, and mother Breakfast to Bed writer, Cat’s blog is honest, hilarious, and delicious. Her funny anectdotes in the beginning of each post bring you in and make you stay for the amazing recipes that are healthy and taste amazing. Some recipes we’re dying to try are: Almond Chai Granola, Pineapple Avocado Black Bean Burger, and Healthy Potstickers. We’re loving the 30 Batches page where it’s only cookie recipes and her organization page where you can learn how to better organize your life.

Eating Bird Food

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Sweet Potato and Lentil Chili

A 20 something online marketing professional and avid runner named Brittany, shares her weight loss story and mouthwatering recipes on her all inclusive health blog, Eating Bird Food. Her tagline, “eating bird food can actually be quite tasty,” exemplifies how easy it is to eat healthy and not be deprived of taste. Recipes that made me hungry are: Cherry Mocha Latte Smoothie, Roasted Tomato Salad, and Sweet Potato Quinoa Cakes. Be sure to check out her workout page, holistic health coaching page, and Wedding page.

Kath Eats Real Food

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Registered dietician blogger Kath is “eating and blogging her way through life,” and sharing her passion for a healthy lifestyle on Kath Eats Real Food. This lady has a full plate with her mommy blog Baby Kerf, writing full time for Kath Eats, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle after losing 30 pounds. Along with her healthy recipes you get a peek inside her other passions on her lifestyle page and how-to videos for some recipes. We’re planning on making: Slow Cooker Smoky Beef Stew, Green Beans + Mac, and Oatmeal Puff Balls.

Carrots ‘N’ Cake

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Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

“It’s all about eating your carrots and savoring your cupcakes, too,” is the motto Carrots ‘N’ Cake blogger and author Tina lives by. She recently earned her personal trainer certification and loves running, crossfit, and traveling. She is strong believer of eating in moderation but not depriving yourself of “bad foods” by putting a healthy spin on waistline nightmares. Her blog obviously includes recipes but also workouts and fitness tips, her favorite things, and her weight loss story. We’re getting out of mixing bowl for these recipes: Homemade Hummus, Cheesy Baked Shells and Broccoli, and Feta Walnut Stuffed Cucumbers.

I hope you’re inspired by these bloggers weight loss stories and missions to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating foods that taste amazing and keep you full. Dieting is hard because you feel like you have to deprive yourself of taste in order to keep calories low but that’s not true! Try some tonight, tomorrow’s breakfast, or a late-night snack.

Happy Planning,