Your Personal Runway

On the big day what do you want your ceremony venue to look like? Plain and traditional? While there’s nothing wrong with that there is also nothing wrong with that, keep in mind that your ceremony is the central domain of your entire wedding and gets the wedding celebration going. Whether you decide to decorate the chairs, the altar, or add programs, today I want to discuss aisle decorations. This is the first time friends and family will see your whole bridal ensemble and total experience of your wedding so try to make your aisle memorable.

Rounded Aisle


Just try not to get dizzy. Guests can now see every angle of the ceremony.



Use your primary color in your color palette and make it into an ombre.



You get a brand new monogram after you say “I Do!”



This trend is everything right now. It also looks beautiful after your train goes down it.


Wedding Aisle Decor - Personalized Aisle Runner

Tell your story on your aisle runner.



Light up your aisle.

Whichever style you so choose, it can always be beautiful, personalized, and memorable. The wedding ceremony is one of the most emotional parts of the whole celebration so celebrate it in a stunning way.

Happy Planning,