Exit Swag

We’ve discussed a lot of ideas for your reception but there is another element you need to think about, how to make a grand exit. A grand entrance and a grand exit make a lasting impression in your guest’s minds but I think making a strong, memorable exit is extremely important. This Reception Thursday we want to share with you some creative ways to go out with a bang.

Getaway Car

car w gifts_project wedding


This is a classic wedding exit but one that is very understated. Don’t leave in his car or a friend’s car but rent a unique vintage car or a luxury car in order to make a strong exit. Adding just married signs, cans, or sill string,will tell the whole world that you two just tied the knot.

Ride a Bike



Whether you leave on a motorcycle or on a bicycle, riding away and feeling the wind in your hair is fun and unique. This is a perfect moment that you two will remember for the rest of you life, that time you left your wedding on a bike. We only suggest a motorcycle if your fiance is a skilled biker though!




Like a car, this is a classic wedding exit but is fun for guests of all ages. Children and adults love blowing bubbles and it’s a fun way to say goodbye. This idea is also good when leaving the wedding ceremony but make sure the bubbles you buy aren’t sticky.

Flower Petals



Have some leftover flowers from your centerpieces or bouquets? Use their petals as an exit and put them in decorated cone keepsakes for guests. They should be in the color of your palette and like the bubbles, is an exit that your children guests are able to participate in.

Sail Away



This idea is perfect if you just threw a nautical themed wedding or if you and your fiance is boat people. Leaving the celebration with one of your passions is memorable and fun and guest’s will definitely remember how you left your wedding in a canoe or a row boat.

Some other exit strategy ideas are:

  • Sparklers
  • Horse drawn carriage
  • Rice throwing
  • Silly string
  • Golf car

Whatever your idea is, make sure it’s coordinated or else everything will be out of place and no bride wants that. Let guests know what is going on before the exit or have a bridesmaid explain the idea so everyone is in the know.

Happy Planning,