Sugar For Breakfast


Donuts, especially Dunkin Donuts, are a guilty pleasure and a dessert I haven’t eaten in a long long time. It’s a classic breakfast food that rarely translates into a dessert when in fact, it’s cake like texture and taste makes it the perfect post-dinner meal. This morning I read about a bakery in the Bahamas that was approached by a Dunkin Donuts manager and asked to create the cake for their annual bride show (article here) and it made me think about brunch wedding receptions and desserts. This Munchie Monday, I’ve compiled a list of other breakfast classics that can also double as desserts.

Cinnamon Rolls


My mouth is watering thinking about cinnamon rolls and their gooey cinnamon filling and frosting icing. My favorite part, the middle where all of the cinnamon converges and there is an explosion of flavor. Serve these on a dessert table or we’ve found a recipe for push-pop cinnamon rolls to be served at cocktail hour.

Fruit & Donut Hole Kabobs


Back to donuts but this time with donut holes. These kabobs are colorful, flavorful, and can be coordinated around your color palette by picking the right color fruits. Donut holes are also strong enough to stay on a stick and won’t fall all over the floor which is a common issue for kabobs. Serve with a caramel drizzle and coconut topping.

Coffee Cake


The crumbling top and powdered sugar makes this one of my favorite breakfast desserts, especially when served hot. Add different types of fruit like apples, cranberries, or blueberries and maybe a frosting drizzle to make them sweet. However, they’re not so easy to eat with your hands and can be messy.

Popover Pancakes


Pancakes are a classic and popovers are delicious so combine the two and top with fruit and you have an instant dessert. They’re tiny enough to be eaten with your hands and can easily be picked up or passed around. It’s a mini breakfast that just pops into your mouth!



A classic childhood breakfast food has made it’s transition into blogger’s kitchens where they’re trying out homemade versions. Add fruit and chocolate fillings and leave it without frosting or add some with a few sprinkles. Stuff them as much as you want or leave them thin.



Sugary cereals and milk make for a great dessert and an easy display at your dessert table. The classic breakfast food will appeal to guests, especially if you have some that are younger. Bring back some of your childhood favorites and feel free to add different flavored milk.

Your favorite breakfast foods have made their transition into desserts and will remind guests why people like breakfast so much. Brunch receptions get a bad reputation but if you serve these foods, you could change a few minds.

Happy Planning,