Destination Gift Giving


Are you a bride that has decided to hold a destination wedding and celebrate your love in a meaningful location? If so, they you may be familiar with something that plays a small, but important, role in making guests feel at home in an exotic location or more comfortable after a long flight/drive– welcome bags. It’s like giving them their favors before the wedding begins and showing your appreciation for their attendance to your wedding. This Travel Tuesday we’re going to give you some ideas for what you need to be putting inside these bags. Before you begin you need to consider a few things: how many guests. how elaborate should they be, what container will they be in, and deliver everything yourself.

Contact Information


This brochure is their personal concierge for all of the wedding activities going on that weekend. It should include a welcome note, who to contact (not you personally), what time activities will be taking place, and things to do in the area. You’re showing guests that you are prepared for their visit and want them to have a great time and essentially a mini vacation with your wedding on their itinerary.

Hangover Kit


This item is important for the wedding party if you haven’t had your bachelorette party or your groom hasn’t had his bachelor party. Hangover kits can also be good for all guests the morning after your wedding reception, especially if you had an open bar or went out after your reception. Include things like Red Bull, Advil, gum, Gatorade, or mini shot glasses.



A majority of destination weddings are either outdoors or on a beach in a tropical location. They’ll need something to block the sun while you exchange “I Do’s” and it makes for a fun favor after your wedding. Customize them to include the wedding date and who’s getting married and including them in the welcome bag ensures guests will wear them during the trip.

Pocket Shots


Pocket sized shots that do not break and slide easily into pants or a purse are helpful if you need an extra boost of alcohol or liquid courage. It may scream that all guests want to do is party but they’re technically on vacation so a little something extra to drink is fine. Include a type of alcohol popular in the area (example: Mexican wedding include tequila) and make the packaging cute.



If guests had a long journey getting to your destination wedding they’re going to need an extra pick-me-up to help them get through festivities. They’re also good to carry in between weekend activities or meals and food always makes people feel welcome.

Luggage Tags


Guests that are traveling by airplane will find this gift necessary if they didn’t already have a luggage tag. It is also fun to include for a destination wedding showing that they had to travel to your location. Include your location, initals, date, and a place for them to write their contact info.



Put items from the location like snow globes, post cards, bottle openers, statues, beads, etc. They can be keepsakes from your guest’s trip and show them some traditions and culture in the area and popular gifts given in this location.

For containers we suggest tote bags, party bags, or fanny packs. Anything that can be used to carry the items easily and are inexpensive. Other items to include may be:

  • Koozies
  • Beach balls
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottles
  • Story about you and your fiance
  • Directions to local destinations

Happy Planning,