Summer Served Frozen

The end of a weekend means the end of cocktails and hanging out with friends until at least Friday night when the weekend starts again. As temperatures start rising, especially this past weekend in Los Angeles, I start craving frozen cocktails as a way to cool off and put me in the mood for summer. Summer weddings can be brutal if you’re sharing vows outside in sweltering heat while guests sweat and dream of being poolside with a cocktail. Cool everything down with some frozen cocktails that are satisfying and say something about you.

Spiked Snow Cones


An alcoholic twist on a summertime favorite, spiked snow cones are a good idea for outdoor receptions or cocktail hours or for carnival themed weddings. Serve them in a variety of flavors, fresh fruit, and colors and let guests enjoy with spoons and in traditional snow cone cups.

Drunk Slushie


This might sound like your typical frozen margarita but I think calling it a slushie makes it fun and brings back memories from the fair. Turn them into cosmopolitans or add soda to bring you back to the movie theaters with coke slushies. These can get messy so be sure to serve with spoons or straws.



Change it up by removing the drink from the glass and putting it on an easy to eat stick. Popsicles infused with alcohol remind me of a favorite summer treat but with the added bonus of vodka, rum, or tequila. Eat them by themselves or add them to a beverage (like the one pictured above).

Fruit Daiquiris


Classic strawberry daiquiris are the perfect summer beverage when strawberries are in season. Add other fruits like pineapple or kiwi to add some color and choose fun glasses to serve them in. If you want them to be a low cal, use fresh fruit and skip the whipped cream.



Adding alcohol to frothy milkshakes is a great idea, in case you had your doubts. Liquors like Kahlua for white Russian milkshakes or gin for key lime milkshakes can bring the right amount of spike to any type of milkshake drink. These are best served with some sort of chocolate, ice cream, or candy.



I saved my favorite for last, margaritas are one of my favorite summer cocktails and the refreshing taste of tequila and lime is ideal for cooling off. The bright colors and flavor options will put guests in the mood for enjoying the warm weather and celebrating your wedding day.

Summer cocktails break the normal mold of traditional mixed drinks like martinis and vodka soda we’re used to seeing other times of the year. Liquor is more expensive than wine and beer bars but if you choose one signature drink, make sure it matches the season.

Happy Planning,