Lovely Summer Styles

Hair is a statement making accessory that can be used to your advantage. The right hair color and the right style depends on the season, weather and your outfit. Most likely you’ve picked out your wedding dress already so you have an idea of what hair style will look good with your dress and if you’re planning on dying it proceed with caution. Dying hair before a wedding is tricky because if the color does not come out as you wanted it to, you have to wait 6-8 weeks before changing it. For summer 2013, we’ve hand picked a few hair styles to try at your summer wedding.

Low Maintenance



Anything that falls under the category messy or beachy is considered a low maintenance hair style and perfect for summer. You look like you’ve been at the beach all day which is every one’s goal for the summer. Ask your stylist for this style if your dress is simple or boho and you have bold accessories this style can work.




Ponytails are awesome for summer because when it starts to get warm it’s great to get your hair off your back. Whether they’re high or low ponytails it can still look effortless and chic, not like you’ve just left the gym. They’re also good if you want to focus to be on an elaborate dress because it’s an understated hair do.




Braids are such a versatile hair style because they can be worn in an up-do, down or by themselves. They’re no longer a messy style but one that can look really glam even if your hair is short, medium length or long. Wear them with anything except a super elaborate dress because that’s a lot of different textures happening.

Retro Curls



With “Great Gatsby” coming out May 10, everyone is going crazy for the vintage bride look. Large waves and bold curls with a deep side part make this look work especially if it’s paired with red lipstick and a cat eye. Pair this hairstyle with a vintage dress or a dress with a lot of glitter and maybe some gold.

Always bring in a picture of you hair style and do a run through before your wedding day. Choose a style that works best with your whole outfit so nothing looks out of place.

Happy Planning,