You’re Ruining Your Diet


Dieting and eating right is something that’s not so easy to do, especially if you aren’t working with a nutritionist or trainer. You start with good intentions but somehow end up still gaining weight or your weight remains the same. What gives? Little things are sabotaging your diet and some common mistakes the can easily be fixed are preventing you from your dream body and dream wedding dress. This Wellness Wednesday we’re putting these mistakes in front of you so you can start making healthier choices today.

1. You Eat Too Much Fruit

Fruit is healthy, when eaten in moderation. Most fruits are very high in fiber which is great for keeping your full, however their high glycemic index is deemed too sugary making it hard for you to loose weight. Look for fruits with a lower glycemic indexes such as apples to keep you full between meals.

2. Too Many Carbs at Breakfast

If your breakfast looks something like this, cereal, milk and fruit, then you’re setting yourself up for diet failure. The high carb breakfast is filled with sugar making it harder for your body to metabolise and leads to a binge later. Instead eat at least 30 g of protein (2 eggs or greek yogurt) paired with 20-30 g of carbs (large piece of toast or banana).

3. You Make Vegetables Fat

Some vegetables don’t taste so great so you need to add something extra like peanut butter or dressing to shove them into your diet. Two tablespoons of dressing can have 145 calories and 15 g of fat leading to a gain of 10 pounds per year. Instead, use prepared hummus or black bean dips but be sure to check the calories first and their fat content.

4. Eating Your Feelings

Planning a wedding is extremely stressful and many of us when stressed out dive into a package of double stuffed Oreos to make everything go away. This is contributing to your weight gain. Instead write down everything you’re eating and resist from buying the bag of chips at the super market. Eating in moderation and keeping the unhealthy foods out of your house will make this easier.

5. Drinking Beverages Other Than Water

At the vending machine you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing what to drink. If you’re drinking juice as your go-to and thinking your drinking nutrients, wrong. Juice is packed with sugar and in a lot of cases as much sugar as traditional soda. Stick to water, coffee or tea if you need something to sip on and make water interesting by adding lemon juice, strawberries or some orange juice.

6. Starving Yourself

It’s true that cutting calories will help with weight loss but cutting too many calories can make your body start storing fat and slowing down your metabolism. Your body is sabotaging your weight loss efforts but you can prevent this by loading up on fruits and vegetables and eating five small meals every two to three hours to stay satisfied.

Don’t let your body sabotage your weight loss efforts and the key is keeping your metabolism high, sugar content low and eating foods that are high in protein. Everything is best in moderation and don’t forget to give yourself at least one free day. You CAN and WILL look beautiful in your wedding dress!

Happy Planning,