Skipping Tradition


Brides today want a lot of things but some of those things are unnecessary and may end up costing you a lot of money. Outdated traditions are draining your wallet and are taking up more time and energy than they should be so on this Reception Thursday we’re gives you 7 wedding traditions you can totally skip and no one, not even guests, families or your fiance will notice.

1. Not Seeing Each Other Before The Ceremony

If you like the element of surprise and want to wait until you walk down the aisle for him to see you first that’s totally fine, but don’t let the whole, “he can’t see me before the wedding! It’s bad luck!” prevent you from enjoying your day. First look photos are adorable and you can blindfold yourselves or hide behind a wall for a first look photo.

2. Cocktail Hour

This trend is a good filler if you have a few hours between the ceremony and reception but that’s another issue. Cocktail hours require you to spend extra money on how long you’ve hired the caterer, food and alcohol and generally guests hate it. You can still pass out cheese or other appetizers and alcohol but don’t turn it into a mini reception.

3. Separate Sides

Bride and Groom’s sides can be awkward if one person has significantly more family members than the other. Letting people sit wherever eliminates the use of ushers and lets your families mingle and get to know each other.

4. Favors

Favors remind me of a child’s birthday party. Guests usually throw them away or unless it’s food eat them immediately so you’re wasting your money. If you don’t want to skip the favors all together but want to give them a keepsake then give them a decorate paper bag to take home any desserts from the dessert bar.

5. Embellished Invitations

Letter pressed and engraved invitations on heavy card stock are a must but cut costs by not adding abstract colors that are hard to print or ornaments. Simplicity is your best friend and can save you some money. You can forget save the date cards as well and instead of hiring a calligrapher for your envelopes just write it neatly yourself.

6. Your Dad Doesn’t Have to Walk You Down The Aisle

If you want him to then that’s a really great gesture for him to do but if there are any reasons why you believe he is not the person to do it then you don’t have to. Have your brother, mother, male cousin, best guy friend, uncle or step-father do the job. Also don’t feel weird if you want to take the trip solo.

7. Receiving Line

These are the worst. Anytime guests have to stand in line is a huge no no unless it’s to get food or a drink. You and your fiance should be the ones greeting guests because you invited them to the wedding, they didn’t have to come. Personally greeting certain guests and whole tables let’s them say congrats and give words of encouragement in a laid back manner.

Other traditions you can skip are save the dates, saying traditional vows or bouquet toss. This is your wedding day so make it as personal as possible and no one will judge you for skipping things, if anything they’ll be relieved to not see matching bridesmaid’s dresses or a wedding outside a church.

Happy Planning,