Post Wedding Brunch Recovery

tumblr_m55n4wvhQm1rua4pso1_500_largeI’m so happy we get to kick off the new work week talking about food. Today, we’re carrying over brunch from Saturday and Sunday into Monday morning were we’re discussing the morning after brunch. After the stress of planning a wedding, having someone else plan the brunch at their house for you will help you unwind and get all of the details of the reception. Questions like “did everyone have fun?” or “did you see so and so was so drunk?” It’s a recap of the night before where you get to enjoy delicious brunch food and spend time with some guests that traveled far to see you. Here are some answers to common questions you may have about this post-wedding event.


Who Hosts?

There aren’t any rules that you need to follow to answer this question but typically your family, his family, a close relative or any friend or family member that offers. This is helpful if you’re getting married outside of your hometown and have a relative that lives close by. Keep the location near the wedding venues so it’s easy to find and we suggest having it at a home to keep it personal.

Who’s Invited?

You don’t need to send out invitations but if you want to it’s not innapropriate. You may also add it to the bottom of your wedding invitations that this will be happening or if you’re using social media for your wedding send out a tweet. The wedding party and immediate family are obviously invited and keeping the guest list to a minimum will give you a chance to talk to guests you know well.

Should it be Fancy?

Brunch is casual in nature and this one is no different. Let guests stop by and say hi especially if they’re traveling and having it out of someone’s house will make it personal so guests won’t feel intimidated heading over. Making it a buffet will keep it casual versus a sit-down where guests are forced to be there at a certain time.

Who’s Paying?

Whoever is hosting the brunch is paying for it. Post wedding, paying for any events are not your problem and if someone offers then they shouldn’t expect you to pay for everything. Keeping it at a house is inexpensive and they’re able to cook all the food which is generally cheaper. You can also encourage guests to bring a dish themselves but this isn’t always possible with out-of-state visitors.

What do I Serve?

Traditional continental breakfasts with fresh fruit, coffee and juices are always a good way to start. Serve a diverse amount of food for early risers like omelettes and pancakes and for latecomers have sandwiches and salads ready. Alcohol is encouraged with drinks like mimosas and Bloody Mary’s and of course coffee drinks. Serve foods that are easy to make and not complicated or are associated with your wedding theme.

Post weekend brunch talk is making me hungry and missing the weekend. Don’t stress too much about having a brunch because it doesn’t have to happen but it’s a good way to talk about the night and talk to anyone you might not have talked to.

Happy Planning,