Finding Far Away Flowers


Traveling for a destination wedding is a lot of work and planning a wedding in a location that’s not close to home is even more difficult, but not impossible. Whatever your reason for having a destination wedding congrats! You’re taking a road less traveled and going to have a wedding to remember for a lifetime. You’ve probably began planning and finding vendors in your destination and we want to help you find one of the most important decoration items: your flowers. This approach is two-fold: hiring a florist at your location or work with someone close the home and ship flowers to your destination. This Travel Tuesday we have some tips for taking care of the flowers that are so important to your wedding day.


Finding the Florist

If you want to find someone local work with someone that is recommended by the hotel/wedding venue. Ask for their recommendations, pricing and visit their website to view their portfolio before you give them a call. If it’s someone the venue or wedding planner has worked with before then the florist will be familiar with the event space and know which local flowers grow best at the time of your wedding.

Staying in Season

The local florist will know which flowers are in season and which flowers will work best with the venue, especially if you haven’t had a chance to visit it yet. Local flowers, especially at island locations, do not always look the same as they do in pictures because of the vibrancy of colors. Asking for a suggestion and working with your ideas will offer key insight to choosing floral arrangements.

Stay in Contact

Once you’ve decided on your florist, you need to stay in constant contact because you don’t have the opportunity to visit the location and check in on things. Always be sure to get a sufficient amount of photos during your conversations to make sure everything is going smoothly and stay updated on any changes that have to be made. The visual exchanging of photos will confirm that everything is going as you have planned.

If You Want to Stay Local

Staying in your current location to plan floral arrangements is ok too because you’re comfortable and confident with their abilities. The one consideration is bringing your florist with you to the location at least once before the wedding so he/she can see what it looks like, how large the space is and what flowers will not do well in the space. Choose a local florist that is skilled in shipping flowers and knows regulations associated with exporting plants.

Finding a Workspace

This is more of a question for the venue but ask them right away if their is space at the venue for your florist to work and if there are any extra costs. Planning ahead will ensure that if construction at the hotel or event location comes up they’ll notify you right away and you won’t be taken by surprise.

Staying in contact with both your venue and your florist is key to making sure everything runs smoothly. Whether you find a florist in your location or local always be sure to see their portfolio and what past clients have said about them.

Happy Planning,