Subtle Ring Shopping


Not going to lie, Fashion Friday is one of my favorite days. Not because it’s Friday but because I love fashion and giving you advice on looking your best on your wedding day. Today we’re discussing that rock on your finger that should be everything you’ve ever dreamed of in an engagement ring. This should be one piece of jewelry you’re obsessed with and can’t stop looking at but if you have a hopeless fiance who has no style at all then here are some tips for getting exactly what you need.

Tiffany's -20

1. Show Him a Picture

Be bold and give him a picture of what you want so he doesn’t have to guess. If you want it to be a little bit more of a surprise then give him a picture of a style instead of the exact ring. Do this by putting it in his morning paper, leaving pages open on his laptop or simply give him a picture. You can’t do this though if he hasn’t mentioned that he’s ready to get married.

2. Shop Together

If you’ve discussed the idea of marriage and are ok with shopping for the ring together then go for it. If getting a perfect ring that is the exact style is really important to you then go with him. He has to be ok with this though if he’s been dreaming of a surprise, you don’t want to hurt his feelings.

3. Wear the Style

Wear your signature jewelry around him so he gets an idea of your style. If you like a lot of bling, bring out the embellished collar necklaces and diamond earrings. If your style is more low key wear minimal jewelry that shows you’re not into the whole gigantic diamond thing. He’ll notice more than you think.

4. Sign Him Up For Newsletters

If you’ve dreamed of a ring from Tiffany or Cartier then sign his email up for newsletters from these brands. He’ll know that this is where you want the ring from because it’s a brand you love. He might be confused at first but if he asks you about it don’t be coy. Explain that you really love their jewelry and have dreamed of a ring from there.

5. Send a Friend

Recruit a friend or family member to go shopping with him. They know your style well and will have an idea of what you do and do not like. This works best if it’s a friend of yours he’s close with and you know he trusts.

If you still want to be surprised then follow these tips because you’re not giving too much information away and being subtle about it. This ring is important and if worse comes to worse you can always go shopping for wedding bands together.

Happy Planning,