Be Your Own Cheerleader


Let’s all be honest with something, working out can be really boring and on more than one occassion you want to give it all up. If you’re trying to fit into your dream wedding dress you know what defeat is not an option unless you’re ill or injured. Motivation is hard to get especially if you aren’t seeing results and feel like your efforts are going no where. This Wellness Wednesday we’ll help you break through your barriers and find new motivation to get fit.

1. Try a Class

Classes are a great way to stay motivated especially if they’re fun and challenging. You need to make yourself look forward to visiting the gym and a class is a great way to do that. Check out websites like Living Social or Groupon to find classes in your area you’ve been dying to try but aren’t offered at your normal gym.

2. Hire a Trainer

A trainer will hold you accountable for your workouts, even if you only see him/her once a week. They’ll notice if you’re skipping workouts or not sticking to your diet and hopefully motivate you to do better. Trainers are also not as expensive as you think and trying splitting the cost with a friend.

3. Cut Back

Don’t cut back your workout but cut back on the time you’re at the gym. This is especially important for cardio where studies have found that doing over 45 minutes is less effective than we think. Try intervals for 20-30 minutes where you alternate between 30 second, 1 minute and 2 minute intervals. This method will blast fat quicker.

4. Set Goals

Whether your goal is to lose 10 pounds or 60 pounds, setting a goal will help you stay on track. Recording your weight once a week and keeping a food and exercise diary will help you track your progress and let you see what you may be doing right or wrong.

5. Change Your Time of Day

If you normally hit the gym in the morning, maybe try going on your lunch break. Changing the time of day you workout could help you if you need to get yourself motivated to visit. Personally, I like working out in the a.m. before my body realizes what I’m doing.

6. Make a Rountine

Keeping workout times consistent and how long you’re there for will put you into an easy routine that can help you schedule it into your day. Knowing how long you’re going to be there for versus hours and hours seems less daunting and more manageable.

7. Recruit a Friend

Friends are the best to workout with because you challenge each other. You will also keep each other visiting the gym because it’s a time to catch up or bond. If you feel like you’re going to skip a workout you will remember that you have an obligation to your friend and the guilt will get you to the gym.

Other ways to stay motivated are looking at tumblrs/pinterest, try exercise videos or sign up for a race. Keeping yourself accountable for your workouts will make you want to visit the gym and get it over with. Remember, it’s only a small percentage of your day.

Happy Planning,