Sun and Sweat


The temps across the country are starting to heat which signals that summer is fast approaching. There is nothing worse than being stuck inside at the gym in the summer (unless you workout first thing in the morning) or being on vacation wishing you could workout. I know that the warm weather encourages me to spend more time outside and also makes me want to get moving for bikini weather. Whether your goal is to look good in a wedding dress or looking smokin hot in your bikini on your honeymoon, get outside and challenge yourself!


1. Thirty Minute Outdoor Workout

This workout  from Fitness Magazine appeals to both gym goers and outdoor exercisers with classic exercises you do in the gym but adding outdoor elements. This will help you mix up your routine by adding both cardio and body weight exercises to build muscle and shed pounds. See it here.

2. Ten Outdoor Workout Ideas

Shape Magazine has a great workout that includes cardio and strength activities such as paddleboarding, basketball drills and crossfit. The amount of variety in this workout makes it something I’m dying to try and will challenge you to explore activities that push you outside your comfort zone.

3. Trainers’ Favorite Outdoor Workouts

Seven fitness trainers have contributed to make these workouts on Fitbie interesting, out of the ordinary and challenging. We’re loving the integration of TRX and football drills to make things more challenging and fun.

4. Beach Workouts

FitSugar is one of my favorite places to find new workouts and this list of beach workouts does not disappoint. Taking your workout to the beach is fun and convenient if you’re on vacation. Even if you have only 12 minutes to spare or want to workout with a buddy, this list has everything you’re looking for.

5. Seven Ways to Get in Shape Outdoors

Things like running before it gets too hot in the morning or going for a hike are things that will help get you into shape and get you outside. While All Women’s Talk does not have a list of workouts, this article gives you an idea of what to try if you’ve been running out of ideas.

6. Kick Butt Beach Workout

Huffington Post gives us another reason to take our workouts to the beach with this kick butt workout in the sand. Scrolling though you can see how much you’re going to sweat but luckily there’s a cool ocean waiting for you when you’re done!

7. Using the Park as Your Gym

Remember going to the park when you were a kid? Now you can go as an adult but you’re there to workout. This workout from Chalkboard Magazine includes total body exercises to help tone up and have fun.

When the weather gets nice, get outside to workout. Grabbing a friend will make everything more fun but don’t forget the SPF and sun blocking clothing to prevent sun damage.

Happy Planning!