A Warm Cultural Welcome


Welcoming everyone to your dream destination wedding location will make them excited to be there and see you’re amazing wedding. A welcome dinner is what we’re going to discuss today and what it is exactly. Note, a welcome dinner can replace a rehearsal dinner or can be it’s own party where you express to everyone how excited you are to have them there! People traveling by plane is asking a lot and a little bit of gratitude can go a long long way and help them enjoy their experience at your location. These dinners are great because destination weddings are usually small and restaurants will be able to accommodate your party.

First thing you need to do is send out invitations to the dinner. These are seperate from save-the-dates and wedding invitations but can be included in the envelope. It should list where it is, time, attire and maybe a map of how to get there or transportation options.

Second, using local culture will introduce guests to the environment and help them fall in love with the place, much like you did. Local foods, drinks and dancing will get everyone in the mood for a vacation and help them get a unique experience of what this place has to offer. It’s a mini vacation for them so help them get familiar with the destination.

You have the option of doing an outdoor or indoor dinner depending on location. On an island or tropical destination outdoors would be fun and use local flair. This works very well if the weather is nice but beware of heat and humidity. Indoors works just as well and you can bring in local decorations that incorporate parts of the culture.


Get crafty with your location and decor because creativity is king. Want a fun luau? Hire fire dancers and get a pig roasting on a spit. Embrace the local culture and let guests get into the fun. Live like the locals and not like a tourist. This aspect can be incorporated to your menu, invitations, decor and favors. Give guests and an experience they’ll remember and make them want to come back to your dream location!

Happy Planning,