Choose Your Photographer

There are plenty of photographers to choose from and sometimes it’s not so easy to decide on a person you can rely on to capture the memories of the most important day of your life. Well, we wanted to share with you two well-known photographers that can capture your wedding day and where you’ll be confident in receiving absolutely gorgeous pictures.

Sean Gallant, from Sean Gallant Photography, was raised in a family full of photographers, so it was destined for him. He focuses on wedding photography as he likes to capture true emotions and he’s proud of creating beautiful shots that will remain important to a couple forever.

sean 1


David Burton, from David Burton Photography, enjoys the thrill of capturing candid moments for his long list of clients.  After being disappointed with the photos from his own wedding, he understood that he knows what kind of wedding pictures newlyweds would love to have. As a professional with a charismatic personality and creative styles, he will produce outstanding results that meet and exceed your expectations.

David Burton2

David Burton1