Break Out a Green Thumb


Happy Reception Thursday! Friday is almost here and we’re so excited to get started on the weekend; plus our Miami Event is on Monday! As we’re approaching the beginnings of summer some of you may have started a garden or love planting your own flowers. Something you may want to consider is growing your own flowers for your wedding day. We’re bringing you some rules you should follow in order to make them look beautiful and not messy.

Consider Geographics

Where do you live? The answer to this question will determine what types of flowers you can grow and at which time of the year. Some plants need more light than others or some need warm weather where others can grow in less heat.

Test it Out

Before you fully commit to this idea, grow some flowers first. This will save you time and energy especially if you find out that you fail at gardening. You can test different flowers and see how they look growing in your yard. Get your friend’s to help also and they’re opinion on what you’re growing. Maybe you have a friend that’s an expert gardener. You should start planting a year in advance.

Start Small

If you’re new to gardening start with smaller flowers in your test run, as mentioned above. You can try different soils to help feed your plants and smaller flowers are a good way to practice. Starting with gigantic and finicky flowers will only frustrate you and make you want to quit. Learn, practice and discover the beauty of trial and error.

Ask For Help

Go to a flower store, especially on that is located outside and has an abundance of beautiful flowers. Don’t buy seeds from a grocery store because the staff may not be as knowledgeable. A plant store opens you up to staff that specializes in gardening and can give you some tips to growing amazing and beautiful flowers.

Consider The Time of Year

Some flowers are season specific and require growth during a certain season. Some flourish in the spring while others grow best in the fall. Read the back packet of the seeds or ask the staff at the garden center.

Growing your own flowers can be tricky but can save you thousands of dollars. Here are some resources we’re loving for more information:

Happy Planning,