Signature Shrubs

Today we’ve made our way down to Miami where it feels just like summer; versus the up and down temperatures of our home in New York City. We’re so excited to be doing this show and we’re embracing the tropics after everything is said and done with a much needed cocktail. Summer and sun always get me in the mood for a good drink and I need to discuss something I stumbled upon in a New York Daily News Article: Shrub cocktails. You’ve read this right. Shrubs. No, not literal shrubs but vinegar based syrups infused in cocktails that work as an excellent alternative acid. For those looking for a signature drink, we may have found one for you. Here are a list of delicious recipes that use Shrubs as their focal point.

How to Make a Shrub Syrup

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Serious gives you a cocktail 101 so you can understand the basics of the shrub and what exactly goes into it. Here, you can learn step-by-step on how to make it yourself and the basics of what goes into it.

Beet & Lemon Shrub Cocktail


Get this recipe and the ones below by simply clicking the pictures!

Cucumber, Soju, and Blueberry Shrub Cocktail


Grapefruit Shrub Cocktail


Strawberry Rhubarb Scrub


Apple Berry Shrub


Hopefully you’ve gotten a good understanding of what a shrub is and you can’t wait to serve these up. Their a unique signature cocktail that we encourage you to explore and trust me, next time I need a drink I’m trying one of these.

Happy Planning,