Making it Fit


Wednesdays are when I begin self reflecting on my fitness workouts and what I need to do better next week in order to get a hot bod. I understand that getting yourself to the gym is not easy and seems annoying, especially when you just want to sit on the couch. The first step to weight loss is choosing the right gym that caters to your individual needs and pushes you to lose weight for your wedding day. Today I’m giving you six things you need to consider when selecting the right gym.

1. Location

Don’t choose a gym that is over 10 minutes away from your house. That commute will drain you and make it less likely for you to actually show up. Choose one that is close to your house, on your way to work or near your office for your lunch break.

2. Money & Fees

Consider your budget and how much you can allocate to spend on fitness. Gyms vary in price based on the brand, size and number of classes. Ask about discounts and specials that they’re having that month.

3. Type of Fitness

Some gyms are only for weight lifting or cardio versus others that have everything in one gym. What are your specific needs? If you’re ok with running outside for cardio but want to add weights to your routine then look for a gym that specializes in that. They’ll most likely give you a trainer that will cost considerably less than the usual gym prices.

4. Amentities and Classes

Maybe you’re looking for a gym that has a killer spin class or a swimming pool. If you want your gym to have a spa and beauty section then you need to check that out. How much you’re willing to spend will depend on what amenities you’re going to get and will be based on how many classes you want to take.

5. Research

Talk to your friends or go online to see what people are saying about them on social media. Getting insight about the gym will make your decision easier because you can base it off experiences and not just what the gym looks like inside.

6. Take a Tour

Before you buy anything, take a tour of the gym. Look for how friendly the staff is, what types of machines are there and how clean it is. Make a list of factors you want out of your ideal gym and bring it with you to the tour to make sure it lives up to your expectations.

What things do you look for in a gym? Classes are very important to me as well as cleanliness. Some people love that their friends go there whereas others like to workout alone. Whatever your preferences you need to make sure that this gym is a good match before you fork over money.

Happy Planning,