Expect the Unexpected


Wedding caterers. They’re part of the magic that drives your reception is the food you serve is the #1 thing guests are going to pick at and be relentless about. You’re a human so you can’t be perfect. However, you can deal with any issue that comes your way (or your wedding planner can). Today’s Munchie Monday post we’re going to give you a list of things you need to expect to go wrong with your caterer. That’s right, things that will or have a high possibility of going wrong. Planning for what won’t happen will ensure that you have a better understanding of how things should happen.

1. They Have No Vision

Having a consultation with the caterer is where everything begins but if you’re leaving the meeting and they have no clue of how they’re going to make your menu, special “you” foods they’re going to serve and the types of foods that match your theme, you’re in trouble. Tell them what your colors are, the atmosphere you wish to have at your wedding and if your reception is going to be intimate and slow or huge and fast paced.

2. Some People Were Left Unfed

This is awful, when guests never received they’re dinner or maybe the caterer realized this and cut down on the portions and all guests leave hungry. This doesn’t happen very often but when it does it’s horrible. Discuss a plan with your caterer about what to do if extra people happen to show up and what you’ll do if this is the case.

3. Nothing is All-Inclusive

They’re budget is very important and ensuring that you have one that is all-inclusive will save you money. If you’ve been flustered talking to other caterers about your budget and not having enough money for a signature meal then some will want to take advantage of your vulnerability. Anyone that’s not willing to work with you on pricing needs to be dumped.

4. The Waiters are Rude and Insensitive

This isn’t something you can plan for  in advance but look at reviews and see what the feedback was on the caterer’s waiters. If they deliver the wrong food to a guest and aren’t apologetic or don’t immediately take the food back, that’s considered rude. Think about a time when you’ve been annoyed with a waiter/waitress and wished you had better service. Same rules apply here.

5. The Food is Served Late

Food being served late isn’t a huge issue however your reception is on a schedule and you’d like to keep things moving. People have been at your wedding since the ceremony and if you don’t have a cocktail hour, they’re most likely very hungry. Making them wait around for food to be served is frustrating and will create unhappiness amongst guests.

6. They’re Not Flexible

Inflexibility is a non starter. They need to be ready for anything that is thrown their way and need to be able to think on their feet. It’s food service. Again, look at reviews to see if other people went through similar issues with a caterer and feel that they were able to improvise and keep things going smoothly.

Hiring a caterer has a lot of things to look out for and this is obviously not a complete list but some of the things we know cover the primary bases. Some other things to look out for are:

  • Guests getting food poisoning (not glamorous at all)
  • You don’t tip them
  • They offer only a few options of food
  • They’re only focused on the price

Happy Planning,