Faking It

Flowers are beautiful especially when they bloom in springtime. However, what happens when you replace the real life magic with a paper stand in? Paper wedding flowers sound cheesy and tacky but when done correctly they can save you money and still look lovely. We want to show you the best inspiration for bringing these flowers to life and give you ideas for adding them to your wedding day.


Before you cringe at the thought of using a paper bouquet we want you to keep an open mind. You’re about to see some truly spectacular arrangements we’ve handpicked. The benefits of using these are cutting the cost and it will last a lot longer than real flowers will. You can write things inside the flowers (handwritten vow cheat sheet?) and use a variety of colors.

8-11 paper bouquet




Men don’t care if their boutonniere is real or not but will appreciate it if you put some thought into something special. Here are a few paper boutonniere’s that will make a statement.





For centerpieces feel free to mix real flowers with paper flowers. The paper flowers will add texture and volume that wouldn’t otherwise be able to be added by natural plants. Did we mention it’ll help you save money?




These stunning arrangements might have turned us from traditional flower fans to their paper twins. There is so much more you can do with them. The internet is your best friend here are you can explore an endless amount of spectacular options.

Happy Planning,