Wearing White Online

tumblr_moxbhxYm8F1qkmsleo1_500While I find this unbelievable, some women hate shopping in stores and prefer shopping online. More power to you if that’s how you shop and want to skip the busy stores, sales people and small selection of fashion goods. Today, we’re going to discuss the trend that is shopping online in terms of purchasing your wedding dress. First, proceed with caution but second it’s awesome if you’re eloping or getting married really quickly. I would browse online to find styles but that’s just me. Here’s our list of things to look for before you embark on an online journey.

1. Style

This is true if you’re shopping in-store too but knowing what style of dress you’re looking for is a great jumping off point for shopping. Looking online exposes you to plentiful styles and colors of wedding dresses and will assist you in determining which style is best for you and will look the best.

2. Price

If a price looks to good to be true, it probably is. Don’t overpay for something if you suspect that it’s too high or even too low. Shopping from a reputable site will help with pricing and ensure that you’re getting a great price and a great looking dress. Avoid discounted sites and sites where people are selling old wedding dresses. The deal might be greater than the quality of the dress.

3. Scammers

As mentioned before about price, there are people out there willing to take advantage of a bride looking for a deal on a dress. What they have posted on the site may not look as good in person or may be damaged. Look for secure payment options and the credibility of the website. It should be well put together, how displays of dresses that show all angles and are high quality and should not include any type of music. A bad website looks like a bad website.

4. Don’t Buy The First Thing You See

If you feel so strongly about the dress that you need to have it right this second then go for it. Keeping multiple tabs open will help you keep and open mind and explore options. A good idea is to print out your top 5 wedding dresses and post them in your room. Take time to ponder them and think about the decision you’re about to make. Give it time and the right dress will come to you.

5. Delivery Times

Back to scams again, notice delivery times when ordering dresses. A high quality dress should take time to be delivered if they don’t have it on stock. The online retailer needs to notify the designer that a dress needs to be made and then they’ll take the time to put together the best high-quality and authentic dress you deserve.

6. Try it on in Person

If you want to buy a dress online, go to a bridal shop and check your size first on different styles of dresses. It may not be the same as your normal dress size and different styles will fit you differently. You’re most likely going to have to take the dress in to be tailored anyways due to your height or certain ways the dress lays on your body.

Buying dresses online is a great idea for anyone who has a history of doing it correctly. With the large selections it’s understandable why it’s so popular. Just be careful and proceed with caution on websites that look a little shady. Here are some of our favorite wedding dress retailers:

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