Dessert For Dinner


Sometimes I dream of a world that is only comprised of desserts. Donuts for breakfast, ice cream for lunch, cakes for dinner and candy for snacks. Unfortunately that would ruin my fitness progress and my health so this fantasy will not make it’s way into reality. Some brides like the dabble in their dreams and bring it to a real life stage, their wedding reception. This of course comes with a list of pros and cons that need to be evaluated. You’re lucky to have read this on Munchie Monday where this is something we’ll discuss.



  • Great if you’re on a budget. Instead of paying for multiple courses, you’re only paying for dessert.
  • Flavors. You get to use all of your favorite dessert flavors and some you haven’t thought of.
  • Alcohol. Because you’re cutting back on the cost of food, you can spend more money on alcohol.
  • No mess. Keep your desserts to bite-sized confections and clean up for the caterer will be easy.
  • Customize it. You can create a new dessert and add your own personal touch.


  • It’s only sweet. Nothing else that you’re serving will have nutritional substance to it.
  • Time of day. Dessert receptions don’t usually work after 6:30 p.m.
  • It’s cheap. You might look stingy if you don’t give guests any other meal options.
  • Allergies. There is a high risk for guests that may have food allergies and many of them go into desserts.
  • The cake isn’t special. The cake will no longer be the grand finale but more of an after thought.

What may seem like a brilliant idea to one bride may be another one’s nightmare. The desserts can match your color scheme and can be only things you love to eat. But remember the limitations that go with the time of day you have it and how many options you’re serving guests.

Happy Planning,