Royal Treatment

Every bride should have the pleasure of being treated like a princess on her wedding day. I can’t think of anything more suitable than getting married in a castle if you’re dreaming of the royal treatment. Whether you’re inspired by Prince William and Kate’s royal wedding or love the thought of a romantic destination wedding, we’ve prepared a list of castles for you. We warn you: none of them are in the USA but all of them are amazing. Take a leap of faith and cross the pond for a luxurious and dreamy wedding day experience.

Dalhousie Castle, Scotland

dalhousie castle

Located close to Edinburgh, this spectacular castle has been the host of Mary Queen of Scots wedding. Saying “I Do” among some of the most famous royals in the world gives it the classic appeal of the UK. The castle contains it’s own chapel, spa, catering and their famous owl ring delivery that is truly unique. Guest space is limited at 100 so plan for a mid size wedding and they can go as low as 2 guests if you’re looking to elope. Falling even more in love? Stay here for your honeymoon!

Cooling Castle Barn, Kent, UK


This venue combines the rustic chic barn look with the romantic and luxurious feel of a castle. It lays on the Kent countryside with views that provides classic UK picturesque views. This venue only hosts one wedding per day, so everything is all about you, and they pride themselves on rising to any challenge that any bride throws at them. They offer weekday and weekend packages, provide sample menus from past weddings and testimonials from past barn brides.

Hotel de la Cite, Carcassonne, France


The Medieval Citadel has earned it’s right to call this castle a “fairytale” venue. Brides hoping to get a historic experience nestled in the French countryside will not be disappointed. Your ceremony has the option of being hosted on three separate venues that range in guest size limitations and how intimate you want your ceremony to be. The four hotel restaurants are happy to host your reception with a plethora of menus available upon request.

Burg Wernberg, Germany


The drawbridge in the above photo is what separates this castle from the ones mentioned above. I truly feel like this is a classic castle I always imagined when I was young. This castle has a ton of history, it’s existence was first mentioned in 1280, and continues to amaze hotel guests and brides looking to get married. Brides looking for classic masonry, an in-house registry service, wedding chapel and honeymoon location will say “I Do” to this location.

Palazzo Viviani Castello di Montegridolfo, Italy

Palazzo Viviani - Castello Di Montegridolfo 1

This castle is located in northeast Italy on the Adriatic Sea and has seen centuries upon centuries of history. The castle transmits a tranquil and romantic energy that has supplied numerous couples an opportunity to embrace Italy’s days of yesteryear. This castle understands how important tailor made wedding days are to you and will work above and beyond to make your day extremely special.

Castles are an amazing venue to share your vows and host your reception. Here are a few more we want to mention:

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