A Beautiful Arrival


At the Wedding Salon we travel, a lot. Sometimes it’s short if we’re hosting a show in Chicago or D.C. or we need to prep ourselves for long haul flights to LA. If we’ve learned anything from these long flights, it’s how to pack the best carry on bag full of travel essentials. Planning to travel for your honeymoon is no different. If you’re going to an exotic location you need to have a carry on bag with products, vitamins, snacks and water to assist you with freezing and moisture sucking cabins and layovers. Here is our comprehensive list of must-have products to get you from here to there.

1. Water and Snacks

Water is crucial to keeping your body hydrated so forget sodas and fruit juices. Coffee is a must for changing time zones but tea is better. Snacks, healthy snacks, will help you beat jet lag and support your body for long flights and layovers. You’re allowed to bring foods on an airplane so before flying pack pre-made breakfast, lunches or dinners. We’re loving Rubbermaid’s Lunch Blox and these 15 Recipe Ideas.

2. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a fantastic beauty product and if you haven’t heard about it already, I’m sorry but you live under a rock. It will refresh your hair and remove oil by adding volume. Brands we’re loving are Batiste, Oribe and Oscar Blandi. Don’t forget a mini comb or hair brush.

3. Moisture Masks

As mentioned before, the cabins are extremely dry and you need something to hydrate your skin. Dry skin makes you look tired and is uncomfortable. Instant moisturizing masks solve this problem and can be worn while you’re asleep or while you’re awake watching movies. Try one of these replenishing products: Philosophy’s Lasting Hope, First Aid Beauty Moisturizer and Sephora Instant Moisturizer.

4. Multiple Use Products

Any product that has more than one use is money well spent. They can be used as lipsticks, blush, bronzers or eye shadows. You can pack these separate products in your luggage but it’s better for when you’re in the air to be able to impress your fiance with your ability to apply makeup quickly. Fall in love with these multiple products: Nars The Multiple and Benefit’s Benetint.

We hope you guys like our list of products you need to pack for your honeymoon carry on. Other products to try are oil absorbing sheets, Vaseline and tiny travel containers.

Happy Planning,