A Strong Fusion


I’m a huge fan of fitness classes and the most challenging the better. Working out without spending too many minutes on the treadmill, elliptical, bike,etc. motivates me to work harder, especially if it’s a class I really love. Spin, kickboxing and yoga are staples in my fitness regime but I’ve been dying to try something new: fusion classes. What is a fusion class? They’re combining two exercises in one to dissolve boredom and work numerous muscle groups at once. I’ve found some you need to try the next time you head to the gym (which should be at least 3-6 days a week).


This fat torching workout that mixes dance, Pilates and boxing where you wear weighted gloves through a session of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It’s gained a celebrity following as it’s been proven to melt off pounds and shed fat. It’s fun, challenging and gets rid of unwanted pounds.


A core strengthening workout that combines the mindful practice of yoga with the toning benefits of Pilates. This class is great if you’ve tried yoga but feel like it wasn’t a challenge. The practice of breathing, balance, and core exercise will keep you focused and improve other areas of your workout routine.

Barre Classes

If you love dancing and want to look like Natalie Portman in Blackswan, you should get yourself to a Barre Class. It has a huge celebrity fan base because it works to slim out your body and tone all of your muscles, especially your butt.


Runners and wish you were runners, this is a great class that you need to be trying. It combines strength training and muscle enhancing moves that alternate between 10-15 minute treadmill intervals that will accelerate your metabolism.

Aqua Bootcamp

Don’t let the aquacizing elderly scare you out of participating in this water based workout class. This alternate to traditional cardio will increase your endurance and work new muscle groups. You don’t have to go to a gym to find one of these classes. Try this workout we found.

These classes are something I’ve been dying to try and hopefully I’ve motivated you to test out something new. If these aren’t offered at your gym, check out Groupons for daily deals and get your girls together to discover fun fitness.

Happy Planning,