Favors For a Foodie

Food is the way to get into someone’s heart. Your guests just spent hours honoring your wedding and experiencing your big way so a good thank you is well deserved. Food is a universal love. Everyone likes to eat and enjoys the experience. I cannot think of a better way to thank wedding guests than to give them something sweet, savory and/or thirst quenching. Munchie Monday always makes me hungry, so I urge you not to read this while hungry. Here are some ideas for scrumptious edible wedding favors.

Custom Chocolate Bars


Customize chocolate bar favors don’t just need to include your wedding date but can also include your favorite flavors. I’m loving the website Chocomize where you can choose the shape, a selection of chocolate flavors, and a slew of toppings. Chocri is another great site that lets you create your chocolate bar with your pick of toppings and offers a reccomendation of creations.

Infused Sugar Canister


Flavored sugars can be used for cooking and making cocktails so share your love with guests. When you leave the spices, herbs or fruits in the closed canisters for a week, it is able to absorb and infuse the taste and smells into the mixture. Give guests a mixture for them to try with the sugars at home.

Spice Rubs


Do you love the grill? Summer wedding guests will love recieving a signature spice rub that you love using. You can create your own DIY favor to impress guests and encourage them to throw more BBQs. This Etsy supplier offers over 150 blends and packaging for you to choose from.

Donut Holes


These bite-sized treats are great for any season and come in a huge variety of flavors. You can visit any local bakery and wrap them up in paper dollies or custom baggies. We’re dying to try these recipes for chocolate donuts, salted caramel and maple.

Marshmallow Pops


These are a twist on a fun childhood dessert and brings me back to the days of making s’mores by the campfire. This Etsy supplier offers one dozen pops dipped in their feature flavors and packaged. The Pioneer Woman has a fantastic reicpe that you can try before giving it to guests.

Other ideas for edible favors are: infused alcohol, custom cookies, flavored honey and tea bags. Find something that fits into your personality and is something you enjoy eating. Just be cautious with allergies and food restrictions.

Happy Planning,