Attack of the Bride


Stress. It determines our weight, mood and state of being. For some people, stress is something that is easily managed and they thrive whereas others, it’s a diasterous mess. Cue the bridezillas. They’re the most feared creatures in the wedding land and are something no one wants to encounter. Don’t be that girl, please don’t be that girl. For Reception Thursday we’ve put together some signs and symptoms that you’re slowly turning into this feared creature and ruining your own wedding day.

1. Every single wedding crisis is ruining your day. You’ve been taking time from work to fix it, even if it could probably fix itself. Don’t let every problem become a crisis situation, most things aren’t as bad as it seems.

2. You’re budget no longer exists. The budget is like a road map for how much money you’re planning on spending and in most cases you’ll go over. But do not by any meanings start buying extravagant or unnecessary things you can’t afford.

3. Your fiancé has no voice. You have taken it away and don’t plan on giving it back. Understand that this is his day too and getting married is as important to him as it is to you. Try including him in some of the planning.

4. There’s no longer a smile on your face. Pre-planning you got along with everyone but now people are starting to avoid helping you plan your wedding. If you’ve noticed a decline in friends and their attitudes, check yours.

5. Bridesmaids are dropping like flies. Even if they’re not dropping out of your wedding party you should take time to notice if they’re feeling unwanted and unhappy. Your maid of honor is not plotting against you and you really need to get her help when planning. You need friends because planning a wedding is a ton of work.

6. Messages go unanswered. If people are putting your calls to voicemail it’s because they’re dreading talking to you. If you’re leaving voicemails that are going unanswered then you’re in trouble. Take some time to apologize or change your attitude.

7. It’s not all about you. This is your wedding day, but it’s a lot of other people’s wedding days too. It’s important to your in-laws, your parents, family, friends and your fiancé. This day should be pleasant and happy. You don’t want to walk down the aisle with a lot of people giving you a sour face.

Be kind, patient and forgiving. This world is not a smooth road and there are speed bumps you’ll encounter. Some of the charm of a wedding is when things go wrong because you get to be creative in the ways you fix the issue.

Happy Planning,