Second Chances


I believe in second chances, especially when it comes to fashion. If you’re a bride that has been previously married and it didn’t work out, you might be wondering what to wear for your second dress. This time it’s different and a new set of rules will apply. Look on the bright side, you get to start over and finding something spectacular and different. You’re turning a new page in your life so do it with style. For Fashion Friday, we’re going to help you choose the best second wedding dress.

You’re a pro at the whole dress shopping thing because you’ve done it before. You know what looks good on your body type and what shades of white are not flattering. This time, choose a designer you’ve been obsessed with and choose colors. You don’t have to wear white therefore you have more freedom to choose new shades and designs. This dress can be more relaxed and casual versus your previous dress which was more showy and princess esque. Some brides find shopping for their second wedding dress to be less stressful and more exciting. Take your time, you got this.

In that same mindset, you may be a little older than you were when you purchased your first dress. Picking something that is age appropriate is important. The styles you choose as a young bride may not flatter you anymore. You may be leaning towards a suit rather than a wedding gown or you may be looking at a silloutte that is more appropriate for your changing body type.

White is still an ok color for you to wear and if you want to wear ivory, wear it with pride. Most of the rules from your first dress shopping experience are gone and no one will judge you for not wearing white, the jig is up. However, if you feel that a pure white wedding dress is something you want, do it. This is your dress and no one elses.

Priorities and budgets may have changed since your last dress. At this stage in your life your career may have taken off and you’re earning more than you did in you 20s or early 30s. What was once considered a splurge then may be within your price range now. If you had children and are trying to save money because of this new obligation then go with a more low-key dress that won’t wreck their life plans. Consider what stage of life you’ve entered when determining a budget.

There is absolutely no shame in wearing your dream wedding dress for your second marriage. Beauty and style have no age and don’t care how many times you’ve been married. Freedom is yours, you’re not the same bride you were the first time around.

Happy Planning,