What Takes The Cake?

Wedding cake is one of my favorite parts of the reception, mostly because it’s cake and cake’s the best. We’re a little more than half way through 2013 and I wanted to take the time to applaud some magnificent cake trends I’ve seen this year. If you’re getting married within this year and have started thinking about what style of cake you want, this Munchie Monday post will inspire you to head to the bakery and ohh and ahh at the beautiful confectionary of cake.



This sparkly trend first gained popularity in 2012 but has maintained it’s essence and has been a major player in 2013 and 2014. Colors like gold, silver and bronze icing are what you need to look out for or if the cake has any of those accents throughout it’s tiers.

Hand Painted


Fondant covered cakes create a canvas for a skilled artist to showcase their vision using gel paints that are made with luster dust mixed with some vodka. The artwork looks similar to water colors but is totally edible and totally amazing to look at.

Color Fading


Color fading or gradient cakes where first introduced in 2011 and 2012 but were more commonly refered to as ombre. This icing is used in both buttercream and fondant to create an illusion of color transforming from light to dark.

Black and White


Black and white will always be a classic trend that can carry on throughout decades. This year we’ve been seeing an incorporation of hand painted art and elements that have 3-D like qualities. Interesting patterns and extravagent styles is what’s distinguishing them from a traditional design.



Lace is soft and romantic which makes it perfect for weddings. The simplicity of piping to create this design is edbilbe and artistic. We’ve been seeing this not only on white wedding cakes but incorporating it into different colors, primiarly pastels.


peach ruffle wedding cakes _ spring

We’ve saved the most popular for last. This style has really picked up a slew of fans because of it’s semi-soft and smooth texture that can be spiraled up, down or sideways. It’s the little things that count in this cake and can be used in tiers, by itself or with any color.

Wedding cakes are both delicious and beautiful. Bring some of these ideas to your baker and see what ideas they have to make this a beautiful centerpiece to your reception.

Happy Planning,