Dressing For Your Shape: Part 1

I’ve made the executive decision to start a new Fashion Friday series focusing on your amazingly beautiful bodies. I want to show everyone the best wedding dresses that will flatter your body types to ensure that you look spectacular as you walk down the aisle. Each body type is different and if you’ve read fashion magazines lately you understand what your body type is and what looks the most flattering. Not every style can work on every bride so don’t be bummed if your dream silhouette isn’t listed under your body type- there’s something out there that works better.

First up: Boyish. Your waistline is not as emphasized as say, Kim Kardashian, so you’re constantly looking for styles that will create the hourglass illusion. Boyish can also describe someone who is athletic and has a petite bust and little to no booty. Don’t stress out about not looking feminine enough in a wedding dress, you’ll look beautiful.

You’re going to need to create curves. The empire waist was made almost specifically for you as well as ball gowns with a basque waistline that will hit you in the waist and make this shape. Consider adding a belt if you want to add other style elements that create this illusion. Avoid any drop waist style dresses such as the mermaid style or anything a-line that will make you look boxier.



Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 9.35.07 AM

I hope I’ve made your shopping experience more enjoyable. Be sure to keep checking in on which body shape we’re doing for the following weeks!

Happy Planning,