Food Trucks – The New Trend


Wedding food typically includes a cocktail hour with bite-sized items of food, a salad, a choice of chicken, beef, or fish, and a piece of wedding cake. After attending a few weddings, the excitement wears off and guests are bored with traditional. A major 2013 trend is a branching out into unusual food territory. This could mean offering an untraditional course, a unique dessert, or, our personal favorite, a food cart. These food carts and stations became really popular this wedding season, acting to spice up traditional wedding fare and add some fun to any wedding. Loving this trend, but still want to feed your guests an indulgent meal they will never forget? Don’t sacrifice quality – try Red Hook Lobster Pound. Aside from running a successful and award winning food truck throughout NYC and DC, Red Hook Lobster Pound also offers amazing food truck catering showcasing their mouthwatering lobster rolls.