Tedious Travels


Ok so you did it, you got married and are about to embark on your honeymoon. First off, congrats! Whether you’ve decided to go abroad or to stay in the country, traveling will always come with it’s ups and downs. No trip is ever perfect but preparing for the unexpected will make the trials and tribulations a lot more tolerable and you won’t feel hopeless in a strange destination. For Travel Tuesday we’re outlining the most common mistakes people make on vacation and what to do if you’ve found yourself stuck in this situation.

Mistake: The Airplane is Too Small For Carry On

Before you fly, look up the size of the airplane and make sure there’s enough overhead space. Planes limit the amount of space for bags, especially on smaller planes. Even if you’re taking a large plane and will have enough room make sure you’re connecting flight (if smaller) has enough room for all of your stuff.

Mistake: You Got Lost

This happens but it can be terrifying if you’re in a country where you don’t speak the language and they speak very little English. Before you leave your hotel research where you’re going to go and the easiest ways to get back. Write down the address and make note of the landmarks in the surrounding area. This is where your smartphone is a lifesaver.

Mistake: You’re Not Familiar With Your Credit Card

You might think that you know everything about how your card operates but going on vacation causes some issues. Be sure to research your card and make sure it can accommodate foreign transactions. Call the company before you go to review any policies.

Mistake: You Didn’t Inspect The Rental Car

You absolutely need to give the rental car a good look over before speeding away towards your dream honeymoon. Any small ding or dent needs to be brought to the attention of the rental car company because even if you didn’t do it, you can still get charged.

Mistake: Your Travel Itinerary is Wrong

You’ve purchased your tickets and get to the airport and realize that there are some misspellings in your names. This error could cost you your whole trip and a lot of money. Before you leave, make sure everything on your tickets is correct.

Before you go embark be sure that double check everything. Traveling can be very stressful if not everything is accounted for. Have copies of your passport and locate the nearest U.S. embassy just in case.

Happy Planning,