Bring Your Party to Life

A few months ago, the Wedding Salon HQ made an exciting move to a new office space and since then we’ve been looking at ways to liven it up and design it to really represent our brand. With chic decor, modern furniture and a clean white-black-red color scheme, we still wanted to add a personal touch. We had binders and binders of professional photos from our events throughout the year – including the Wedding Salon showcases and weddings planned by 4PM Events that we just had to showcase. Our solution? We worked with the team at Party Standups to create oversized poster boards of some of our best event photos to hang around the office, and couldn’t be happier!

Party Standups is the perfect solution to making your event come to life, with replicated cut-outs, to cartoons, real-life photos, themes, or even decor – all catering to your taste and personality. And don’t worry about quality being compromised with the size – their work is laser-cut for extreme precision and detail.