An Extra Unexpected Guest

You’ve got some great wedding guests lined up for a fun and entertaining reception of your dreams. You think, you have everything planned out and every single person is accounted for. However, some guests have arrived that you know weren’t invited to this wedding. You’re furious and worried that there won’t be enough seats, food, favors, etc. Don’t worry, The Wedding Salon has got you covered. For Reception Thursday, we’re going to show you how to take care of these party crashers.

A Plus One Came Without An RSVP

Someone that was invited didn’t say that they were bringing their plus one and now you have two people instead of one. When you send out your invitations be sure that you gave them a place to notify that they’re bringing a wedding guest so you can prepare accordingly. While they may show up without RSVPing you need to make sure that he/she has a place to sit but don’t worry about scrambling to get an extra escort card or favor.

Children Showed Up

Perhaps you said that this was a no children reception due to your preference for an adult only party. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this and you shouldn’t feel bad for having this type of reception. If a family member or friends does happen to show up with a younger guest find ways to compromise such as removing the child from the ceremony if they get fussy or find a high chair for them at the reception.


These people crashed your wedding and you literally have never met them before. This one is tough but you need to stand your ground without blowing up. Do not dodge the situation and ignore their presence, they need to know that this behavior is unacceptable, especially because you don’t know them. Have a friend keep an eye out for these people and ask the manager of the venue to ask them to leave.

In most cases, someone that was invited did not RSVP to your wedding and did not mean to be a party crasher. This is on you to be sure that you have some extra seats, food, favors, programs, etc. The importance of extras will help these guests that simply forgot to say they’re coming. However, if this person is someone you don’t like and didn’t invite for a reason don’t be shy and stand your ground. This is your amazing day and not theirs.

Happy Planning,