Dressing For Your Shape: Part Two

Welcome to next part in our Tats Tips Blog series where we’re going to discuss finding the right wedding dress for your body type. Looking amazing on your wedding day is huge, with a capital H. Dressing for your shape is even bigger and some of these tips will come in handy even when  you’re shopping for dresses that suite your bridesmaids. Last week we talked about the Boyish Figure and this week we’re going to show you how to make your broad shoulders look amaze.

Broad Shoulders

Broad shoulder brides are built like swimmers, you have wide set shoulders but a smaller waist. Your body type is similar to that of Angelina Jolie and sometimes referred to as an inverted triangle. You’re going to want to highlight your shoulders with a halter neckline or shoulders that sit off the actual shoulders. A dress that hits you in the waist like a bodice will create an hourglass shape and highlight your hips. Trying to conceal your shoulders can have the opposite effect and make them appear larger.




Remember that you should embrace your beautiful shoulders because it’s part of who you are. They’re sexy, strong and amazing.

Happy Planning,