Throwback Cocktails

Retro is so in right now it’s not even funny. Inspiration stemming from shows like Mad Men and movies like the Great Gatsby have cultivated a style that many brides-to-be are gravitating towards. We’ve been seeing it in dresses, shoes, invitations and now cocktails. Drinking vintage chic alcoholic beverages has never been more in and more sophisticated. For Munchie Monday we’re giving you some ideas for a signature retro cocktails that will work great with a vintage style wedding. These can also add a throwback twist to romantic style weddings or rustic weddings. Here are some signature drinks we seriously suggest adding to your menu.

Side Car Martini


What it is: This drink is for lovers of cognac and sweet and sour flavors. The ingredients used involve a lot of lemon, lime and sugar. A drink for the men and some daring women.

Recipes: Giada De Laurentiis, Epicurious and Esquire.

Gin & Tonic


What it is: A true cocktail staple. This drink will never go out of style and it’s easy to make. If you’re new to the drink it’s simply gin, tonic water and a lime. Add a creative twist by adding new flavors.

Recipes: Food Network, Inspired Taste Blog and The Kitchn


Ted Allen's Classic Manhattam Cocktail

What it is: This is another’s man’s drink but don’t let it shy you and your girls away. Whiskey is the main ingredient in this drink as well as sweet vermouth and Maraschino cherries.

Recipes: Spiced Manhattan, Food Republic, and Drinks Mixer.

Dirty Martini


What it is: Martinis are a classic and the dirty martini screams vintage. What makes it “dirty” is the olive brine that adds an unexpected flavor to the vodka or gin.

Recipes: Martha Stewart, All Recipes, and Smirnoff.



What it is: A gimlet is similar to a gin and tonic because you use gin and lime. The difference is instead of tonic you use lime juice. People have been using liquors besides gin and adding flavors to give it a unique taste.

Recipes: Chow, Jalapeno Tequila Gimlet and Black Raspberry Gimlet.

Other classic cocktails to consider are white russians, pina colada and a tom collins. Have fun putting a modern twist on the classics and you can turn any “mans” drink into your drink. Also, get a creative bartender.

Happy Planning,