Guests, On Vacation


Destination weddings are asking a lot out of your guests. They’re traveling, spending money for a mini vacation and spending a trip just celebrating you. In order to ensue a fantastic wedding you need to thank your guests for making the journey to celebrate your beautiful life with your amazing fiance. A wedding weekend is common for destination weddings. This is a time where you have three (or four) days to host a wedding versus a traditional one night only. You’ll need to find an appropriate balance between rest and play and still be all inclusive. Here are our Travel Tuesday ideas for hosting a fabulous destination wedding weekend.

1. Be Welcoming

Whether friends and families have arrived by train, car or plane they’ll want to feel welcomed the minute they arrive to their location. Have hotel staff serve them a drink (hot or cold) and write them a hand written thank you note that will be placed in their rooms. You don’t need to have a traditional welcome bag so get creative with items like custom sunglasses or candies. Anything that will make them feel appreciated for attending your big day.

2. First Night, Cocktails

After they’ve arrived and settled in a plan a cocktail party or dinner. They’ll be hungry and serve them foods that relate to the culture of your destination. This doesn’t have to be a huge blow out dinner that will blow your budget because most likely people will be tired, especially if there’s a time change. Simple items like sandwiches, pizza or cheeses with bread will be appropriate. Drinks are an absolute.

3. Built In Activities

If you’re staying at an all inclusive resort assemble some activities that won’t cost guests anything. Choosing two or three options will appeal to people and not make them feel pressured to do something that they dislike. Choose activities that are unique to the destination and not everything needs to be thrilling and time consuming. Low key activities like beach yoga or paddle boarding will make people want to try new things.

4. Themed Days

You can plan every day to have a theme and it doesn’t have to be the theme of your wedding. You can make it a theme that goes with the location or a theme that reflects the personalities of you and your fiance. Choose activities both of you love and serve food and drinks that say something about you. Some are ideas are a spa day or an athletic day full of beach volleyball or beach soccer.

5. Don’t Forget Downtime

Your guests are on vacation so they’ll want time to enjoy the destination and do things on their own. Opening up a block of “free” hours helps them feel a connection to the location and enjoy things they would normally do on vacation. This can also be a block of time for you to hang out with each other or your immediate families.

6. Saying Goodbye

After the ceremony and an amazing wedding weekend, the vacation is over. End the sadness with an informal brunch that starts at 10 a.m. and ends around 1 p.m. so guests can pack, eat and have time to say goodbye. Another idea is having room service serve breakfast in bed. Organize transportation and shuttles if you need to get to the airport that leave on different time slots or make sure valet is ready for their cars.

Make your destination a mini vacation for your wedding guests. They’ll love that you thought about them and appreciate the downtime you give them. Showing generosity will make for an even better wedding day.

Happy Planning,