Tips and Checklists for the Engaged Couple

Travel Checklist (Check out the full list here:

1.    Maiden Voyage: This maybe the most important item on the list. If your honeymoon is right after the wedding make sure to book all travel tickets and rooms in your maiden name. Making this mistake could cost you hours of stress and waiting at the airport.

2.     Destination Due Diligence: If you’re planning a destination wedding , call ahead to the social security office in the U.S. to make sure your marriage certificate  will be accepted once back home. (800.772.1213)

Tips for Engaged Couples (Check out all of Regina  A. Demeo’s tips here:

1.    Set a Realistic Wedding and Honeymoon Budget: Even though it’s easy to go over what you initially plan to spend it’s better to plan ahead just so that the both of you can have an idea of the amount of money you are willing to pay.

2.     Set Boundaries: Knowing where your partner stands on serious topics such as drugs, adultery and smoking from the beginning will make it much easier in the future to figure out what you can and cannot do in order to keep one another happy.