Booming Trends, What’s hot now

Mini Moons


Want to relax after the wedding mayhem yet cannot get enough time off work? Trending now is what Travel Guard is calling ‘The Mini Moon’. The Mini Moon is simply a short getaway that takes place immediately after the big day, followed by a more extended Honeymoon at their convenience. This allows the bride and groom to seek adventure, take a hike, and clear their minds without clearing their schedules!


Marriage on the Minds of Many


It is said that there is soon to be a major impact within the wedding industry as the Baby Boomers 2.0 are nearing closer to the age in which they are looking to settle down with that special someone. The average woman looking to get married in the United States is 26.6, for men, it’s 28.6. As a large portion of the Boomers’ children were born within the year of 87’ this means that within this coming year those children will be reaching the national age average looking to get married (27) as of 2014. This will open a whole new realm of markets within the wedding planning and event industry. Get ready for gowns galore in the year to come!