Five easy steps to make romance an easy fete while planning your wedding!

If you’re visiting our blog you’re probably in the midst of planning your special day so congrats! This is a time where every couple is in total bliss over their upcoming celebration. However, with all this excitement also comes some craziness. You’ll have notebooks in hand, caterers and the wedding planner on speed dial, and all thoughts wedding circling around in your head. And if you’re like most brides, the last thing on your mind is the romance between you and you’re beloved. So how can you liven up the romance between the two of you? Here, we list our top five ways to spark your love life!

1.      Don’t Replace a Date with Wedding Planning
Setting aside time to have a romantic night might seem like the last thing you want to invest in while planning your dream wedding. You may find yourself trading in a date night for an evening of wedding planning, but resist this at all costs. Keeping romance alive requires you to be romantic with the one you love. So don’t replace that weekly date night for discussions about linens and flowers…after all every couple needs some TLC!

2.      Date Night=No-Wedding Talk
When that date night actually happens, you should try your best to steer clear of any and all wedding talk. Although your loved one may be able to comfort you with any stressful situations going on, being able to spend some quality time and really enjoy each other’s company will make you realize what all of your efforts are going to in the first place-getting married and spending the rest of your lives together!

3.      Assign Some Wedding To-Dos
Although a date may relax you, you might (and will) still have A LOT of to do’s on your list! That’s where help must come in. We all know your super woman, but let’s face it, even she gets help when she needs it! Hire a wedding planner or ask your bridesmaids to take over an important, yet manageable task. Seeking some help will keep stress from overwhelming you… and your relationship.

4.      Make Wedding Tasks Passionate
Okay so not every task is sexy. Choosing between crème or beige table linens, we don’t think so. However, there are many to do’s on that list of yours that can be surprisingly romantic for the two of you. Your caterer may allow you to take home some food to taste. Not given this option? You might be surprised that some caterers allow you to take some food home! Sending you on your way with some delicious treats makes for a romantic at home picnic! Or, if you’re stressed out about your first dance, maybe take a few dance lessons.

5.      Make Honeymoon Planning a Priority
What’s more romantic than a honeymoon? Even if you’re taking you’re honeymoon months later, it’s important to reserve some time to at least talk about where you might want to go. Honeymoon planning can keep the wedding planning at bay and get you both excited for the big day to come. Once your big day has arrived, you can just look forward to flying to paradise!


With these helpful tips you’ll be finding yourself swapping your notebook for a glass of wine, tucking your cell in a drawer and keeping your thoughts revolving around your loved one…at least for a few hours.